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Acne & Acne Scarring

What is the treatment?

Treatment options for acne include AHA peels, cleansers, antibiotics, hormone treatments, topical creams and light therapy.

For acne scarring, options include laser (non-ablative photo rejuvenation, ablative and fractional) and fillers.

What results can I expect?

Most patients see a significant response with topical treatments, such as peels and creams when combined with antibiotics and/or hormone treatments.  Often this breaks the cycle of the acne leading to long term improvement.

Residual scarring can be treated with lasers that improve colour and texture.   Also fillers are successful in lifting out craters and depressions.  These treatments are even successful many years after the scarring appears.

What are the risks?

These treatments have minimal, if any, downtime and patients can usually return to work immediately post treatment.

The exception is the fractional and ablative lasers which, as they break the skin surface, cause redness and swelling and some healing time (depending on the type of laser used).