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Pigmentation, Freckles, Brown Marks

What is the treatment?

Many patients are successfully treated with glycolic acid peels and lotions and the home use of hydroquinone lotion which interferes with the production of pigmentation.

The AURA Laser also can target brown pigment and treat freckles, lentigines (larger distinct freckles), and other types of epidermal pigmentation.

The REVLITE YAG Laser uses its green 532nm to target epidermal pigmentation and its infrared 1064nm to treat deeper dermal pigmentation like melasma .

What results can I expect?

Peels and hydroquinone often takes 6-8weeks to reduce pigmentation and the use of home products can often reduce and prevent recurrence.

After the first laser treatment, most people see a significant improvement but multiple treatments are often needed. The AURA Laser is a little less harsh and tends to lighten pigmentation. The REVLITE YAG Laser can be more effective but usually with some extra crusting and healing time.

What are the risks?

Most patients do get some redness and mild swelling after the laser treatment. This is usually coverable with makeup allowing immediate return to work. Epidermal pigmentation will crust with laser treatment but usually looks like a dirty mark and falls off in 4-7 days.  Occasionally more significant swelling, redness and fine crusting can occur as could bruising, hyper (increased) and hypo (decreased) pigmentation in patients with darker complexions.  Scabbing, burns and scars have been reported in the literature but are extremely rare.