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Skin Cancer Checks & Treatments

How does it work?

During your consultation, Dr Goldberg will examine your skin.  If he is concerned about any moles or spots, he will either:

  • Take a photo as a baseline
  • Examine the spot  with a dermatoscope
  • Biopsy it
  • Excise it.

Sometimes photodynamic therapy (ALA and Laser) or Aldara(Imiquod) topical cream may be used.

What results can I expect?

The aim is to find changes in the skin as early as possible and treat them to prevent growth, minimise scarring and perhaps even prevent more lesions from appearing at all.

What are the risks?

If  Dr Goldberg needs to excise any spot, mole or lesion, there will be a scar. There is also risk of bleeding, infection, dehiscence (especially if sutures removed too soon) and tape dermatitis or allergy from the dressing.

If a skin cancer is left untreated, it may grow and cause its own side effects. For a melanoma  and some SCCs, there is a risk of metastasis.